We are available to bring Belly Dance Business Academy instruction to your community or event.  Find a topic of interest or  customize a track of business workshops?  Just contact us and we will work with you to customize an educational program for your community or event.

Workshop Rates:

Workshops with Terri Allred, Owner of the BDBA are $200/hr.  Please contact her for more information.

Coaching Circle Members receive 20% off of workshop rates.


Here are some of the workshops we currently offer.  Don’t find what you want?  Just ask and we will create a class specifically for you.

How to Find your Superpower, and Tell The World About It

Learn how to identify, package and market your unique superpower to the world.  Whether you are a professional dancer or a hobbyist looking to build classes in your local community, you will learn how to identify and package your unique brand for your target audience.  This workshop will take you through specific steps to create your message, identify your niche, identify your target markets and create a plan to reach those markets.  You will leave this workshop with a definite plan in place to reach your marketing goals.


Creating and Funding Your Own Instructional DVD

Do you want to reach a larger market than your own community?  Do you offer a unique workshop or dance class already and believe that others would be interested if only you could reach them?  You have the capacity to fund and create your own instructional DVD.  Terri will teach you the basic steps for conceptualizing and planning production of your own instructional DVD.  She will discuss the role of crowdsource funding to get support for your project while building a fan base at the same time.


Business Planning for Studio Ownership

So you want to open your own studio or you have a studio and you want to ensure it’s success?  Starting with a firm and well-researched business plan can mean the difference between success and failure.  How do you write a business plan, how can it help you and what is it?


Ethics in Dance, Performance and Instruction

What is your ethical framework and how does it impact your dance?  An well thought out ethical structure can help set the stage for positive communication, sound decision making and fair treatment of clients.  Learn how to create an ethical structure for your business from your own personal belief system.


Healthy and Assertive Communication for Troupes

What is your communication style and how does it impact your group interactions?  How do you deal with conflict?  Is communicating as a troupe director and a troupe member different? How do I give feedback in a way it is likely to be heard and incorporated?  Learn about how attention to positive communication can strengthen your dance group on and off the stage.


Business Skills for Teachers

You are a belly dance instructor interested in the specific business skills you need to be successful in running your weekly classes in your own community.  You aren’t interested in making belly dance your full time business, but you do want to be successful in your part time belly dance business.  Learn how to set up, maintain and even grow your business in your spare time.  We will explore marketing, policies, legal structure, studio rental and more.


Guerrilla Strategic Planning: Creating a Roadmap to Help You Get Where You Want to Go

We understand.  You have had to sit through too many three day retreats with your full time business working on strategic plans that get placed on the shelf and never used.  Join us for Guerrilla Strategic Planning, designed by Terri Allred and successfully used in many nonprofit organizations and small businesses. You will leave this two hour workshop having clarified your mission and with a road map to achieve results right away.


Joyful Event Production: Tips and Tricks for Planning a Successful Event

Whether you want to bring an instructor to your local community for the first time or launch an international conference, Terri will share tips and tricks about location, contracting with instructors, working with vendors, volunteer management, registration and more.  You will leave with a clear plan for putting together your first event or improving an event that you have been hosting.  Learn how to celebrate and find joy in the problems, challenges and specifics of hosting your event.