We have structured pricing at the Belly Dance Business Academy to reflect the prices you normally pay for weekly classes and workshops.  All of our basic classes are $15 (similar to a weekly dance class) and all of our workshops are $25+ (similar to what you would pay for a live workshop.)

With our a-la-carte program, you get to tailor your own learning experience by choosing topics and instructors that meet your specific learning needs.  Simply purchase the classes and workshops you want.  They remain forever yours in your dashboard of the BDBA so that you can refer to them over and over again.

Some classes may have a bit higher price points.  These classes may be $20-30 because they have more material than our normal $15 basic class but do not have the group interactive component of our workshops.

Workshops are priced between $25-85 depending on the amount of material, amount of discussion/live conversation and coaching and normal rates of the instructor.  Expect a deep dive into a complex issue when you take a workshop.  You will learn things such as; how to plan your own event, how to communicate effectively through conflict, etc.  Workshop are typically scheduled.  That means you start with a group of students on a specific day and work through the information together with lots of input from your instructor and other students.