Online Learning

Take classes and workshops at our on-line Belly Dance Business Academy.

Online Instruction

We offer classes to meet your business needs, your schedule and your budget.  All classes and workshops are available a-la-carte so that you can design a program of study to meet your specific goals.  Browse our class and workshop selection by topic, level of experience (hobbiest, professional, teacher) or BDBA instructor.


Learn specific skills that you need to succeed in your business by taking basic classes at the BDBA.  We offer FREE classes and basic classes which are $15, the average price you pay for your weekly dance class.  They are designed to give you the information you need to make immediate progress toward your business goals.


For a deeper dive into a topic, you will want to participate in our workshops. Workshops are similar to what you would experience when attending a dance workshop with several hours of material, exercises and discussion.  Workshops can be found in three formats:

On demand (You decide when to start and go through the workshop at your own pace.)

Scheduled (You start the workshop with others on the same day and progress together week to week.)

Webinar (You get to interact live with an expert or panel of experts.)

All workshop formats offer interaction with other students and your instructor, but the scheduled workshop will appeal to those who like to learn in community.

Topics currently include:




Event Management


Troupe Management


Conflict Resolution


LGBTQ Affirming Practices



Social Media

Self Care


DVD Production

Photography and Videography

and MORE!

Check out our At-A-Glance List of Classes