Jamie Lynn Shelton- Guest Instructor

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 10.26.53 AMJamie Lynn fell in love with Middle Eastern Music and that in turn introduced her to the amazing world of Bellydance. With over two decades of dancing and discovery, she shares her enthusiasm through performance, teaching and producing events such as Bahaia’s Cabaret Dance Camp, The World Dance Showcase and other Central Texas events. Multiple degrees in the Fine Arts, in addition to her love of travel, research and personal enrichment, spark a continued interest in the historical and cultural importance of this dance through its musical and movement history. As a dancer, she seeks to “illustrate” the music with movements, with the belief that a deeper understanding of what the music “tells us” to dance can lead to a lifetime of enrichment. Technique is the basis, but expression is the goal. She has been honored to teach and perform nationally and internationally and was a featured performer on AMC TV’s Showville, as well as a variety of independent films, festivals and stage shows and with live bands from around the country.

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