Fakyma shoot 2013 headshotKyria is an Oriental dancer and instructor from the Utrecht area in The Netherlands. She runs a dance studio and teaches weekly belly dance classes. She has over a decade of experience as a professional belly dancer and entrepreneur. Teaching her students to get a deeper connection with their bodies through belly dance is one of the many things that inspires her. 

Kyria is a member of several dance troupes and has participated in theater performances that incorporate Oriental dance and live music. As an lifelong learner, she worked for several universities and continues learning by taking classes on various topics. She holds a Master degree in Psychology and a Master degree in Information Management. 

Sharing knowledge and creating a community are important to Kyria. She is part of group of local belly dancers that support each other and organizes events and workshops together. She is extensively trained in Egyptian and Folkloric styles, gaining experience in recent years of classical ballet and ATS. Working as an advisor in complex IT projects helps her analyze and improve her dance practice. She has written over 200 articles for local and international belly dance magazines. 

Kyria will share her expertise in how to use modern technique to aid you as a dancer. Save time and energy by letting technology work for you! As a mother and entrepreneur, she offer tips on how to keep your business running while raising a family.  

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