Cat Ellen

minisession16-web_008Cat Ellen is a FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studio in the Los Angeles, CA area. She earned her General Skills certifications in 2013 and her Teacher Training in 2014, and has been SSCE Re-Certified since January 2016. Cat’s primary goal is to bring a fun and personally fulfilling bellydance experience to as many people as possible, both fellow dancers and audience members. But beyond the dance vocabulary of ATS®, Cat hopes to empower dancers to embrace movement without shame, fitness for all sizes, and the joy and beauty in the community we build in which it’s our job is to make everyone look good.

Cat is honored and thrilled to partner with Janet Taylor for the Critique Contract workshop. Having been raised in the theatre and performed as a singer, actress, and dancer since the age of five, and having been the singer with a professional band for fourteen years, Cat brings over forty years experience with the critique process for performers. Over the past fifteen years, she has helped coach and teach coaching skills within the performance community of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

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