Devi Mamak- Guest Instructor

102Devi Mamak, member & artistic director of Ghawazi Caravan is one of Australia’s premier ATS(r) dancers, teachers & choreographers, having taught many of the top dancers in the genre within Australia. Devi is also well known for creatively fusing other styles such as Flamenco, Indian, Egyptian & Samba.

She is renowned throughout Australia, NZ, U.S.A, Asia & Europe for her creative, thorough & approachable teaching style & her elegant & commanding stage presence. Devi has co taught Carolena Nericcios General Skills certificate on several occasions with several of her own steps being accepted into the ATS syllabus which have also been presented on the FCBD DVD Vol9 Anatomy of a step. Devi has also produced her own DVD. “Devis Inspired Combinations” which is distributed world wide.

In 2014 Devi was invited by Jillina Carlando of the Bellydance Superstars to perform as a special guest in her international production “Dark Side of the Crown”, where she performed alongside some of the worlds best and most renowned dancers in Bellydance.

In her daily life Devi is the mother of two and is a classically trained piano teacher and published composer.

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