Rosa Noreen

020116_RosaNoreenStudio_JRP_1000-2Rosa Noreen has been a member of the Belly Dance Business Academy since 2011. Since joining, she has not only expanded her local classes and upgrade her dance studio; she has also become an in-demand national workshop instructor with three instructional DVDs and various online learning courses under her belt.
The Bellydance Business Academy has helped Rosa to clarify her goals and figure out the steps needed to reach them. The knowledge base, special topics workshops, and community support has kept her on track through producing instructional DVDs, reconfiguring her dance studio, and developing the signature elements of her Grace Academy.
Rosa’s instructional DVDs, multimedia coaching programs, and unique workshops have enabled dancers around the world to slow down and revel in the moment. In the Belly Dance Business Academy she will be sharing her knowledge of graphic design, workshop hosting, and studio management.
Three instructional DVDs available at
– Delicious Pauses: Negative Space in Movement
– Rhythm & Pause
– A Dancer’s Hands & Arms
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