Rosa Noreen

Rosa_Noreen_by_Jon_Reece-4347Rosa Noreen founded the Grace Academy to help dancers add depth and dimension so they grow in confidence to take their places on stage and in the world.

Rosa’s instructional DVDs, multimedia coaching programs, and unique workshops have enabled dancers around the world to slow down and revel in the moment. In the Belly Dance Business Academy she will be sharing her knowledge of graphic design, workshop hosting, and studio management.

In addition to being an in-demand workshop instructor nationwide, Rosa teaches ongoing classes in adult ballet and belly dance at her studio in Portland, Maine, welcoming total beginners and helping advanced students to grow.

A leader in her community, Rosa co-founded Bright Star World Dance studio in 2010 to provide a friendly and professionally-run studio space for movement artists across genres.

Rosa’s singular style of belly dance is influenced by her ballet background and years of study of Egyptian dance. Known for her classical lines and friendly approach, Rosa delights students and audiences alike.

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