Nadira Jamal- Guest Instructor

NadiraJamal-Red-VeilNadira Jamal, The Belly Dance Geek, believes that you are the boss of your own dance. Instead of feeding you moves and choreography to copy, she geeks out on how the dance works, so you can create it for yourself. Her specialty is teaching improvisation skills in a clear, step-by-step process.

Nadira inherited her old-school tastes from her mentors Amira Jamal and Artemis Mourat. She has studied Turkish Oryantal and Turkish Romani extensively, and cross-trains in Arabic styles, but still loves vintage American Cabaret the best.

She is the creator of 16 training products and services, including the Improvisation Toolkit DVD series, the How to Build a Sustainable Practice Habit online course, and the Personal Style Snafus style-development program.

Nadira also hosts The Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse, a monthly online radio show.

If you think knowledge and creativity go together like chocolate and peanut butter, check her out at:


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