Lesley Inman- Guest Instructor

391A3084Life long artist, Lesley began her endeavors at a very young age.  At the age of 4, Lesley began her studies in classical piano.  She learned to read and understand music well before understanding the alphabet itself.  Over the years, flute, guitar, percussion and trumpet were also added to her musical armament.

Like all young girls, Lesley studied ballet, jazz and tap. It wasn’t till her young adult years did she find Hip-Hop.  Something with this dance form resonated. The strong movement and energy called to her.  It was at this point, art took a back burner to her new growing side; her family.   It wasn’t till 2003 that Lesley returned to dance and this time it was belly dance.  Beginning in local belly dance classes through community ed, Lesley studied oriental as well as folkloric…

…but it wasn’t till a FREAK trip to TribalQuest Northwest in 2006 with her soon to be partner in crime did she really find her calling; Tribal/Tribal Fusion. This was it!    

It allowed her to combine her previous experience in Hip-Hop and blend it with her new love, belly dance.  Upon her return from TribalQuest Northwest, Lesley quickly dove deep into the world of Tribal/Tribal Fusion.  She travelled extensively hitting every event out there sucking up all she could. While at home, she took classes in Flamenco and Indian styles such as Bhangra and Odissi.  Between Summer 2006 and Winter 2008, Lesley had spent more time on the road and more time in workshops than she could by simply taking local classes averaging 50 hours of study a month on the road.

It is this energy and love of belly dance which makes Lesley the artist she is.  From her musical background and strong belly dance technique, Lesley creates performances and teaches classes/workshops which are never lacking in entertainment and always pushing the limits to what can be done.  She makes every effort to help each student find their internal dancer.

Lesley still continues to travel and study as much as she can while still working to build a reputation at home in the Twin Cities not only for herself but for Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.  Lesley studies extensively with artists/teachers including Rachel Brice, Mardi Love,  Ariellah, Zoe Jakes, as well as studies with Deb Rubin, Amy Sigil/UNMATA, Heather Stants, Carolena & FCBD and many more.

AND NOW, Lesley has joined the ranks at the Belly Dance Business Academy!  She’ll be teaching classes online around topics such as how to go from local favorite to national recognition, how to get the most of your intensives, workshops and festivals as well as presenting your show ideas to local venues to expand your opportunities…and more!

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