You Done Me Wrong: Communicating at a Deeper Level than a Country Music Song when a Business Relationship Goes Bad

by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman

When relationships go South, and emotions are high, we often have a difficult time figuring out how to resolve conflicts. I have a pretty simple approach to conflict that I will share with you today.

As a part of the ATS® certification for teachers (called Teacher Training), I offer a day-long class called The Business of ATS®. Inevitably we discuss conflict and communication in this class. Most of the time, the conflict or communication issues center around how to deal with other instructors or students.

Inevitably, students want me to affirm that they are in the right and the other person is in the wrong. This is just human nature.

Then, they want me to give them the solution to help the other person understand that they are wrong.

Finally, they want me to tell them that their feelings are legitimate.

I wish it was that easy. However, when we are dealing with conflict, their are always two sides to every story.

I do have a few suggestions for how to set yourself up for success when you are in conflict with other dancers.

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